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Quinten Nicholas McCray


After humbly beginning his career in his mother’s home at the age of 14, Quinten Nicholas McCray has become a much sought after fixture in the national hair styling community. Quinten has traveled extensively mentoring and training audiences of students and stylists with his wisdom spanning all aspects of the cosmetology industry. He has done prominent platform shows and instructional seminars for various establishments, including Nairobi Products Incorporated and Influence Hair Care Company. He has been featured in numerous publications and at the Fashion Institute of New York for his prominence in the industry.

Quinten has maintained a fundamental belief in continuing his education and regularly participates in courses to maintain a master level performance, aligned with current methods and developments in the industry. His styling expertise and desire for ultimate perfection has paved the way for him to be called upon by Grammy, Tony and Academy Award winning artists, actors, government officials, philanthropists, models and a diverse clientele.

Quinten Nicholas McCray can currently be found styling at Vernon Martin’s Salon, in the Capital Hill sector of Washington, DC.